Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekly grocery shopping - Marsh

It was a quick trip this weekend.  Brian and a co-worker spent approximately 26 hours in two days (and this morning) working on re-roofing a section of our house.  It was a long, hot, drawn out process but it's done and for that we are thankful!  Because Brian was so tired after working all day (he got burnt at an auction Friday trying to buy materials for this job on top of the physical work) we went for just the basics.  Here is what we came home with:

3 StarKist tuna pouches was $4.77 for $2.00
6 Pasta Roni's was $9.72 for $6.00 (thought we had coupons but I misread them...)
3 Food Club shredded cheese was $8.37 for $5.04
2 Mission tortillas was $6.38 for $2.00 (used my last two coupons too...bummer)
2 packs Perdue split breasts was $14.74 for $4.39 (@ $.88/lb)
1 9-roll Charmin was $9.18 for $5.49
1 8-roll Bounty was $10.28 for $5.49

And of course we got the standard milk, lunch meat, bread, fresh fruit and veggies, LeeAnn's fave pasta salad and a treat (gallon of green tea) for Brian and spent all of $53.05 and saved $36.18 or 41%.  This leaves us $22 for next week's groceries (if we decide to use it) and just might keep us under budget this month!

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