Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family fun trip became a bargain trip!

When we left for Indiana Beach on Tuesday morning I had no intentions of sharing about the trip but it became a bargain for us so I had to share about our experience.

Indiana Beach is an amusement park about an hour north of us. I hadn't been in years - probably 15 or so and neither had Brian but he decided we needed to take LeeAnn. So we did.

We packed a picnic lunch (because the food and drinks there are outrageous) and ate in the car when we got there. Because we could go in and out of the park as often as we wanted, we left the bag with the swimming gear in the car. Tuesday and Thursday at Indiana Beach are Coke product days - take any Coke product and get $10 off. So we grabbed a couple Coke product cans and paid $43.10 for Brian and LeeAnn to ride and swim as much as they wanted. General admission is free (so I didn't have to pay anything).

After a couple hours of rides (in Kiddyland and some bigger rides that Brian and LeeAnn went on together), LeeAnn decided it was water park time. We went back to the car, had a quick snack and drank some water (it was hot out!) and headed back into the park. As we were walking in, two others couples were walking out and told us they were closing the park due to power issues.

We went back into the park to the Guest Relations desk and yep, the park was closing temporarily due to power issues. They gave us two free passes to come back another day and mentioned that if we wanted to hang out for a while to see if the power issues would be resolved, we could and we could still keep the free passes. Brian decided to go to the pool area to ask if the pool was closing (we figured the slides and Lazy River would - no power to run the water through them) and sure enough - the pool WAS open! So Brian and LeeAnn were able to spend the next two hours swimming and within 45 minutes the power was back up, so they were able to enjoy the Lazy River and water slides as well. After swimming were more rides and games and we ended the day at Treece's - a small-town restaurant that is "famous" in our area.

So - our trip for three that cost us $43.10 plus gas (and eating out at Treece's - $30.00) because a half price trip because of those free passes. I don't have another day off anytime soon so the next trip will be just Brian and LeeAnn (I went more for the dressing room changes than anything...well to spend time with my family but I neither ride nor swim). He decided that he can do it himself (the showers in the men's changing room were closed stalls - that was his biggest concern). So hooray for half price amusement park trips!

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