Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week of 7/2 through week of 7/23 grocery budget

We had done really well early in the month when it comes to the budget!  And then right at the end any of the extra money I had - I blew it.  It's been 12 months we've been doing this and I think only twice have we not blown the monthly budget.  Ugh.  I've GOT to quit that or we're going to need to raise the monthly grocery budget to reflect the fact that we are spending more than what we say.  Here it is for this month:

7/3 Marsh - 1.59, saved 0.00
7/3 Marsh - 70.71, saved 63.34 (47%)
7/11 Marsh - 53.05, saved 36.18 (41%)
7/11 Walmart - 3.18, saved 0.00
7/13 Walmart - 13.31, saved 0.00
7/18 Walmart - 30.98, saved 13.30 (?)
7/18 Marsh - 50.91, saved 41.30(45%)
7/24 Kroger - 16.64, saved 44.79 (72%)
7/24 Marsh - 15.14, saved 12.59 (45%)
7/25 Marsh - 82.72, saved 46.16 (36%)

Our total spent was $338.23 and the total saved was $257.66, which is about 46% savings total for the month.  So yes, spending $338 is better than the $595 it could have been but really...if the budget is $300 for the month then I REALLY need to stick to it.  And it's me!  I know it's me.  There are some deals that I think I just can't pass up (like the $16.64 @ Kroger last Saturday - we could have gotten away with none of that).  Or the fact that I decided (on a whim) to host Christmas in July and spent an extra $19.22 - so just those two things together would have been enough to take it down to $300 (well almost...just $3 shy of that mark).  But the stuff I'm giving away from Kroger (which was actually the FREE stuff) and hosting Christmas dinner was very worth it to once again, we blew budget (by $38.23) and I'm okay with (well, mostly).

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