Thursday, June 24, 2010

Record your Life - How I lost lost a tooth.

Is it strange that I only have one vivid memory of first grade? I know I spent an entire school year in Mrs. Morris's classroom but really there is only one day that sticks in my mind and it wasn't even a full day - it was just one particular recess.

I live in Central Indiana, always have and I'm guessing always will, and this particular memory must have been during the winter because we were having indoor recess (which meant it was too cold to be outside playing even). I don't remember if I was playing a game with someone or if I was just reading by myself (which is highly likely) but I was sitting by the windows on the heat vent.

The heat vent was the best place to sit and read or chat with friends. These vents were right on the floor, raised maybe just an inch above the standard tile school floor. The top of the vent was a shiny silver and there were small square holes that the air came through. These holes were big enough to get our fingers into but not big enough to get a hand into. And I don't know how far down the vent went but it was far enough that if you dropped something in there, you couldn't see it any longer. And when the heat kicked on you were just wrapped in this warm blanket of heat.

So in this memory I'm sitting on this heat vent - alone or with someone, I'm not sure. But I know I had been playing with a loose tooth and the next thing I remember I'm crying because my tooth is down in the vent, I've got some blood on my lips and chin and all the kids in my class are just watching me.

Because recess time was when the teacher's had prep, our teacher wasn't in the classroom. The person who was in charge of recess though roamed the hallways and he came into the room (did someone get him? did he hear my cries?). He took me to the nurse and she helped me clean up and rinse my mouth out. She sent me back to my classroom and the custodian was trying to see my tooth in the vent with a flashlight but he couldn't even see it.

So that recess is forever stuck in my mind as the recess that I lost, really truly lost, my tooth.

This is my third posting at Mommy's Piggy TALES recording my memories in just 15 weeks.  If you're interested in doing the same for yourself, swing by her place to check it out!

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  1. Thats sad that you lost your first tooth, but I like the way you put it, you really truly LOST it! I don't remember very many specific days from then either, a few stand out ones, when something meaningful happened, but I think thats good, I am glad I didn't have too much drama back then. I just remember how much I loved my teacher...for some reason I can't pinpoint!
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. That's funny because we've been hearing that "lost" joke around here a lot lately. My 6yo daughter has just lost her first two tooth. The first one was LOST in Publix--she and my mom spent a good 5 minutes searching the floor for it; and the second one made its way into a baggy, but was left at a relative's house!
    p.s. I'm following now.

  3. first tooth out and you did not get a visit from the tooth fairy that is not fair...