Monday, July 19, 2010

And of course - for my husband...

It seems strange that it's been just over seven years since I met the man I married!  I'd known who Brian was for a long time...since middle school.  And one mutual friend swears he tried to set us up years ago.  But alas, we had to find each other on our own and I'm so glad we did.

But today...TODAY is his birthday!  It is the day I look forward to ALL YEAR LONG because (for a few months at least) we are the same age and he can't give me crap!  I love my husband, I do, I do, I do but he loves to make sure that everyone knows (and reminds me often) that I'm older than him.  Not by much...just nine months and four days but it's enough for him to be younger than me for a while and to rub in it. 

So, to my wonderful husband, amazing father and best friend - Happy Birthday!

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