Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some quick trips... Marsh and Meijer.

So Sunday when we hit Marsh, the deli was already closed.  Since I worked at our bank branch inside the store on Monday there were two items I picked up (one before lunch, for lunch and the after work for dinner that I'd forgotten about).

Trip #1:
.58lbs Sara Lee oven roasted turkey breast was $4.54 for $3.53

Spent:  $3.53
Saved:  $1.01 (22%)

Trip #2:
1 Aunt Millie's dessert shells (for strawberry shortcakes) was $1.49 for $.99

Spent:  $.99
Saved:  $.50 (34%)

And for Meijer - I wasn't going to do the Skippy deal but after looking at the prices, I decided to go ahead.

6 Skippy crunchy peanut butter was $13.74 for $6.00
4 Tositos was $15.96 for $7.98

Spent:  $13.98
Saved:  $15.72 (53%)

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