Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Booking It 2010 update

I went to the library recently in search of something to read - I had nothing in mind and nothing was really jumping out at me. I remembered though that I'd read an Eileen Goudge book called Woman in Red some time ago and decided to pick up a couple of her novels.

Well - I picked up just one at first...Stranger in Paradise - the first of three books in a mini-series called "A Carson Springs Novel." I read 20 pages of it last Thursday night before I fell asleep...Friday I finished the other 301 pages (at 1:30am Saturday technically - I couldn't put it down!).  The story of a mom, Sam, who in her late 40's falls in love with a man (who just so happens to be more than 15 years younger than her and her youngest daughter's step-son - yeah, did you catch that?) and ends up pregnant (while her oldest daughter has been trying for years to conceive and is now divorced because her husband left her when she couldn't provide children).  The story that folds is one of love, family and learning that life isn't what it seemed to be.  A fabulous story that makes you feel like you're in Carson Springs - you won't want the story to end.

Because I finished the first one so quickly I HAD to get my hands on the other two (I knew there were more but only got the first one because I had also picked up two Karen Kingsbury novels which I have yet to touch) and so I went to the library that Saturday afternoon!

It actually took me almost another week to finish the next book, Taste of Honey. It wasn't that it wasn't just as smashing as the first - I had meetings and/or prior engagements Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights this past week and just didn't have the time to sit down and read like I like to.  It was the story of Gerry (the best friend of Sam in the first book), a middle-aged divorced mom of two (well, three) who gave up a daughter for adoption and the trials she faces when she reaches out to that older daughter - and how it affects her family at home as well as the life of the adopted daughter.  Throw in a love interest who is famous and mourning the death of his wife and you have another novel that was splendidly written with clear details and a great story line.  When I read the front cover and there was a quote from Kristin Hannah (Firefly Lane and Between Sisters) that said, "This wonderful novel is filled with characters as real and honest as your own best friends," I knew this was going to be a good one!

So I finished that one up on Saturday morning and started the third one, Wish Come True, that morning as well. I'm not quite halfway though it yet but it is just as good as the first two!  The story is about another Carson Springs resident, Anna Vincent who is employed by her sister, Monica, and whose life comes crashing down on her when Monica is found dead, floating in her pool at her house, LoreiLinda.  I've just gotten to the part where Anna meets the man the flap describes as "an ally" who becomes her partner in the hunt for the real murderer.  You'll see Sam and Gerry again, along with other characters mentioned in the other Carson Springs novels...it'll be just like being home again!

If you're looking for some good reads, I would highly recommend these books!  There were a few love scenes that surprised me (while I was reading at work!) and a tiny bit of foul language but everything else that is amazing about these books way outweighs the tiny bit of bad. 

Now, I still have to finish Wish Come True plus the two Karen Kingsbury novels I picked up almost two weeks ago AND the James Patterson novel (Cat and Mouse maybe?  Pop Goes the Weasel?  I can't remember which) that I picked up before the long weekend (just in case I needed it!).  I'm gonna be busy these next two weeks or so!


  1. It's always fun to find books that suck you in and make you feel like you are there. That's how I feel about the Mitford series (Jan Karon) and the books by Miss Read (set in England).

  2. Hey Carrie! Thanks for stopping by and giving me some new books to add to my list - they're going on right now.