Monday, June 7, 2010

Regular weekly grocery shopping... Ugh.

If we don't quit blowing budget, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself! This is the second week in a row that we have WAY blown the budget. I even had to use the debit card...I had no other cash with me. Dang it. Well - here's what we got!

Bounty was $10.28 for $5.99
Charmin was $9.18 for $5.99
11 cans Stokely's veggies was $11.55 for $5.50 (eight being donated to church)
4 cans Libby's fruit was $7.40 for $4.00 (donated to church)
1 Food Club black pepper was $3.59 for $1.80 (closeout - marked 50% off)
2 Ken's marinades was $5.98 for $2.99 (B1G1 FREE)
10 Kraft Velveeta shells and cheese was $18.70 for $9.90
2 Shamrock Farms milk was $2.78 for $0.00 (FREE!)
2 Edy's ice cream was $10.98 for $2.98
3 Tombstone pizzas was $17.34 for $8.97
2 Dean's gallon milk was $5.98 for $3.98
2 Lawry's marinades was $6.58 for 3.29 (closeout - marked 50% off)

Along with slice cheese, lunch meat, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, bread and fresh fruits and veggies we spent $95.35 and saved $69.60 or 42%. Not spectacular but not too bad least the savings part of it. The spending part is killing me though. We have GOT to behave these next few weeks!

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