Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Made a quick trip to Marsh for my granny and had to share!

Since she's gotten older, my grandma has gotten to the point where 99.7% of her meals are eaten on paper plates.  She loves Dixie plates (not sure why those are just what she buys) and they were on sale at Marsh this week - add in the fact that there were coupons in a recent Red Plum insert and I had a deal on my hands!

8 Dixie paper plates (four big/four small) was $30.00 for $8.00

By the time you add in tax I spent $8.84 but I saved $22.00 - that's 73%!  That's probably one of my higher percentages for recent trips - too bad it was for her (meaning I used the debit card for her account) rather than mine (which would greatly help my percentages for the month)!  I'm glad I was able to get a good deal for her though - now instead of buying them at the store when she needs plates, she'll just have to let me know she needs them and I'll be over to stock her up (she's not got the space to keep them really).

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