Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hit up Kroger last night to grab a few bargains before the sale ended...

10 Eckrich pepperoni was $21.90 for $10.00
15 Kroger bacon bits was $34.35 for $15.00
8 Cocoa Pebbles was $20.72 for $10.00
6 Creamette pastas was $10.14 for $5.28

Total spent $40.28
Total saved $46.83 (53%)
Total saved at Kroger for 2010 $261.71 (which is just Kroger Plus card savings)

It is trips like this that make me LOVE self-scan checkout.  Can you imagine the look I would have gotten when I threw a combo of 25 packages of bacon and pepperoni up on the belt!?  Yeah...  It would have been interesting.  Instead I scanned it all myself and no one knew what I purchased.  Love it.

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