Monday, June 28, 2010

Regular weekly shopping at Marsh

And our regular weekly trip to Marsh involved Brian running out to the car for a $5 (from my blow money!) because we didn't have enough in the envelope to cover what I had bought.

1 Dixie plate was $3.75 for $1.00 (for my granny)
3 Frosted Flakes was $8.55 for $4.47
1 No Yolk noodles was $2.29 for $1.54
2 Marsh large 12ct eggs was $2.98 for $1.76
1 Aunt Millie bread was $2.99 for $1.44
2 Heluva Good dips was $4.98 for $1.50 (and these are GOOD - ohmygosh...if I had known before how good these were, I'd a been buying them a LONG time ago.)
2 Edy's ice cream was $10.98 for $4.49
4 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice was $10.20 for $7.96 (not the best price, but better than full price)
2 YoPlus 4ct yogurts was $5.00 for $2.00
2 Bar-S bologna was $1.98 for $.98
1 Lawry's marinade was $3.29 for $.99

All that along with milk, marked-down pork tenderloin (saved more than 50%), a yogurt for shorty (an M&M one), lasagna, fresh fruits and veggies and Shorty's favorite pasta salad from the deli and we spent $49.41, saving 39% or $32.05 for the day.

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