Monday, June 14, 2010

Regular weekly shopping...

was a GOOD trip - we stayed under budget for the week.  Woohoo!  Brian hates when I get a stockpiling bee in my bonnet but it makes so much sense.  Really, it does.  Here's what we got:

8 Cheez-Its (the smaller boxes) was $23.92 for $3.92
2 Keebler sticks was $7.98 for $1.99
2 Keebler NutCrisps was $7.58 for $1.79
(so 12 boxes of crackers for $7.70 - only $.64/box!)

1 Charmin Ultra 9roll was $9.18 for $5.99
3 OreIda fries was $11.34 for $5.00
2 pork loins was $21.17 for $12.16

And of course the staples like fresh fruits and veggies, lunch meat, deli salad (Shorty's FAVE!), pickle spears (Claussen's - 'cause they were on sale), yogurt, eggs, bread and milk and we spent only $59.25 - saving 51% or $61.38 for the week!

I had guesstimated our cart before picking up the toilet paper at $50 and the TP was $6 so I didn't do too bad on the guess.  Now we've got $15 extra dollars to use for next week if we decide to do so.  I wonder if we should try to spend only the $15?  Hmmmm...that might be quite the challenge!

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