Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marsh ad highlights - 6/10 to 6/16

Bummed you missed some great deals with Marsh's Mega Sale? Don't be! It looks like the sale is on again this week - with all of the exact same items!

Click here to see the Mega Sale items from last week!

Perdue thighs and drumsticks - $.98/lb (save at least $.81/lb)
Keebler or Kellogg's crackers/snacks/cookies - B1G1 FREE (save $3.18 or more on item must be the same kind as purchased item)
Ore-Ida potatoes - 3/$5 (save $4.89 or more on three...when you buy three in one transaction, more or less than three will be $2.50 each)
Emge roll sausage - B1G1 FREE
Butterball turkey (patties/burgers/links) - B1G1 FREE
Oscar Mayer wieners/bologna - B1G1 FREE (free item must be same kind as purchased item)
Eckrich loaf or variety pack - B1G1 FREE (free item must be same kind as purchased item)
Tom's snacks - B1G1 FREE
Krispy crackers - B1G1 FREE
Kool-Aid drink mix - B1G1 FREE
Ore-Ida Bagel Bites - B1G1 FREE
Sunbeam bread - B1G1 FREE
Home Pride bread - B1G1 FREE
Smart Balance sour cream - B1G1 FREE
Reser's potatoes - B1G1 FREE
Aunt Millie's buns - B1G1 FREE
White bread (from the deli) - B1G1 FREE
Garden Fresh salads (in the deli area) - B1G1 FREE
Hostess Donettes - B1G1 FREE
Food Club stuffed manzanilla olives - B1G1 FREE
Emeralds snack nuts - B1G1 FREE
Orville Redenbacher's popcorn - B1G1 FREE
Kozy Shack pudding - B1G1 FREE
Famous Amos cookies - B1G1 FREE
Food Club seasoning or gravy mix - B1G1 FREE
Miceli's ricotta cheese - B1G1 FREE
Kellogg's cereals - 3/$4.98
Sunny Delight - 10/$10
Charmin or Bounty - $6.49
Red or Green seedless grapes - $1.48/lb (save $1.51/lb)
Del Monte Gold whole pineapples - $2.99
5lb bag of Idaho Russet potatoes - B1G1 FREE
Yogurt or chocolate pretzels (in the produce section) - B1G1 FREE
Concord Foods smoothie mix (in the produce section) - B1G1 FREE

And so what do you do with all those things where you B1G1 FREE?  If you don't plan on using the second item, give it to a friend or donate it to Salvation Army or a shelter.  Or go with a friend and split the cost of the one item so you're paying just half price for the one item you get.  You could even just approach another shopper and say, "Hey - I'm buying this item but don't need the second, would you use it?"  And just give it to them...doing this after you check out (so maybe to another shopper as they are leaving) so you're sure the items are scanned and paid for properly.  I'll be doing one of these things with the two bags of potatoes I end up with - I'll only need one!

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