Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Marsh shopping trip...

When I saw the Marsh ad on Wednesday I wasn't super impressed.  It wasn't a BAD ad...there were just a few things I was interested in.  There was nothing that I was over the moon about.  So I made up my list and gathered my coupons and headed out with Missy Miss since Brian was working all weekend. 

3 Aunt Millie's bread was $9.57 for $2.64
1 Kellogg's Smart Kids fruit snacks was $2.99 for $.49 (had a $1.50 off Vocal Point coupon and they were on sale for $1.99)
2 Pillsbury brownies was $4.30 for $2.00
1 Kashi Heart-to-Heart cracker was $3.19 for $0.00 (had a coupon for a FREE item - from signing up for a free sample some time ago)
5 Quaker Oats 18oz containers was $14.40 for $2.45
3 Perdue split chicken breasts was $17.13 for $5.62
2 Oscar Mayer bacon was $11.58 for $4.29
4 Bob Evans roll sausage was $15.96 for $8.00

Along with some fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, sour cream,and some pasta salad and lunch meat from the deli we totaled out at $42.10, saving $56.65 or 57%.

We purchased 32 items for a $1.31 price per item cost.  The biggest part of the savings was in Fresh Idea savings ($36.53) but the coupons, coupon doubling and Aunt Millies B1G2 (yes two!) free saved me $20.12 - woohoo!

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