Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Okay, so it isn't a blog - but it is a GREAT website!

You know Brian and I went through Financial Peace University and we are making our way through our Total Money Makeover.  You've read my ramblings on FPU, snowballing my debt and saving like never before.  And the place that started it all?  Dave Ramsey's teachings...Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace University and FPU Jr are all excellent tools for getting started on your journey.  The local library has his books and there are many many websites out there that follow his principles.  What he teaches isn't rocket science...he himself says it is the principles from the Bible and stuff your grandma taught you. 

Anyways, his website has a lot of great information and if you decide to take your own FPU or TMMO journey then his website can be a great tool for you.  If you do take his journey and need someone to chat with or ask questions of, I'd be more than glad to share my story.  Enjoy!

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