Monday, March 15, 2010

The first grocery trip of the weekend...

A few weeks ago Brian and I were eating lunch and he just randomly says..."Do you think Chris would work for food?"  And my first thought was - HUH!?  I don't remember now what we were talking about but it wasn't Chris and it wasn't food so I was obviously lost.  He says, "You know, Tammy's husband - that does the electrical work."  Okay, well I knew then at least who he spoke of...I still wasn't sure why he wanted to know if I thought he'd work for food.  Apparently Brian was hoping if we offered a meal to Chris (and Tammy and the kids too!) he'd come and help do some electrical work in the half bath we've been remodeling for the last three years.  And you know what?  Chris DOES work for food!

Brian wanted to do it up good and while we had some things on hand (steaks, chicken breasts, part of the makings for pasta salad) there were a few other things I needed to pick up on Friday night.  So I got:

3 packs Perdue wings was $8.88 for $5.32 (on sale at 40% off)

And that was it that was on sale.  I also picked up frozen corn cobs, a cucumber and two tomatoes.  All in all, I spent $13.49 and saved $3.56 (just on the chicken) for a 21% savings.  Not so hot huh?  Oh well, we got what we needed to feed our friends (and the food was great!) and the company was even better. 

Tammy went from my the kid my mom babysat for to the girl who babysat for my brother and I (she's six years older than I am) to my "big sister" and I love her to pieces.  She's only 35 miles away and we don't get together as often as we should but I do love when we are able to get together!  And Brian loves that he got some help with our remodel too.  :)  And of course...he probably would have come to help even if Brian didn't cook him lunch but it sure worked out great.

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