Monday, March 29, 2010

Walmart trip today...had to do some price matching!

Meijer had 24packs of Coke (and Pepsi) products on sale for $4.96 and since Brian was out of Coke Zero we decided to stock up.

4 Coke Zero was $23.84 (Walmart's price) for $19.84
3 Wheat Thin crackers was $8.94 for $-.06 (yes, Walmart paid me to buy the Wheat Thins)
1 Ritz Munchables (the new half pretzel/half crisp cracker) was $2.98 for $.98
1 30ct trash bag $3.42
2 bananas $.36

I spent $26.17 and saved $15.00, saving about 36% - not too shabby.  What really helped was having four $2.00 off when you buy Coke/Nabisco products AND the Wheat Thins having peelies on the front of them for $1.00 off each.  Those coupons alone saved me $11.00, the price match was pretty small.  It was better than nothing though!

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