Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sadly, I have no blogs to share.

Not for a lack of blogs but because we got a new computer and I don't have access to my favorites list where all the cool blogs I saved were listed!

So, that'll have to wait until next week.

I thought I would share about the coupon fairy that visited me on Sunday at Kohls though.  On Saturday, Miss Priss and I took my granny to go shopping and while there we looked at Easter dresses at Kohls.  We were just shopping around, as I knew Brian would want to be there for the final decision.  The next day we were near a different Kohls so we stopped and found a super cute dress (that twirls out VERY well...which is very important and was actually the deciding factor in this dress) and it was 50% off.  Woohoo for that!  As we approached the line a very nice lady gave us a coupon and said she was done with it...it was for another 15% off!  So we actually bought two dresses, the Easter dress and a Jumping Beans dress (which I LOVE this brand of dresses!) and only spent $30.01 - an extra $4.95 more than we had figured we would due to the awesome coupon fairy!  We saved $37.95 on our total purchase.  Love it!

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