Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Marsh shopping trip...

We hit Marsh up on Saturday instead of Sunday this past weekend because we knew with Sunday being Mother's Day our day would go a little differently than normal.  We went in needing only milk and bread and lunch meat, of course we came out with more than that because there were a few items I just couldn't pass up!
9 Snuggle fabric softener was $42.21 for $4.41 (yes, yes - only $.49 per bottle thanks to the recent $3.00 Snuggle coupon!)
2 Perdue boneless, skinless chicken breasts was $25.43 for $12.02
2 Kraft singles was $4.98 for $3.00
4 Stokely's canned veggies was $4.20 for $2.00
1.5lb Sara Lee deli lunch meat was $11.84 for $9.22
1 Sara Lee bread was $1.79 for $0.00 (FREE coupon in deli when purchasing 1lb Sara Lee deli meat)

And along with yogurt, milk, wheat bread and fresh fruits and veggies we spent $51.19, saving $68.84 or 58%.  I am loving these $3.00 Snuggle coupons!  The savings with those coupons is ridiculous (in a totally good way!). 

When it was all said and done - of the $75.00 in grocery money this week I spent $75.98.  It's a good thing I keep loose change in my purse in case of a cash crunch!

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