Monday, May 10, 2010

Two trips to Kroger...

saved me a LOT of money!

The one thing that really caught my eye at Kroger this week was the Sweet Baby's Rays barbecue sauce that was priced 10/$10 - this is our stock-up price point for this product and we only had one bottle left from the last time we bought a full case worth.  So on my lunch break on Friday I ran next door to Kroger and picked up 16 bottles of SBR's BBQ.

16 Sweet Baby Rays was $44.00 for $16.00

I spent only $16.00 and saved $28.00 or a very nice 63%. 

Did we NEED 16 bottles of SBR's right this second?  Nope!  But when I can get the smaller bottles at $1/bottle (which is just a smidge less than going to Walmart and buying the "restaurant size") and had the money in the grocery budget and it will keep...why not?  Now, I can wait until it goes on sale again and buy it at $1 a bottle instead of running out in just a couple weeks and going to pay $2.75/bottle (the shelf price for this product at Kroger).  Yeah - that just makes sense to me!  Some people might shake their heads but for works.  And now I have plenty of barbecue sauce to get us through grilling season!

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