Monday, May 10, 2010

Every once in a while I have to share a great blog post or something

I've found and this is one of those times!  I have two blogs I check daily - Life as Mom and Money Saving Mom.  They both are inspiring and have great deals, tips and encouragement for this momma who is trying very hard to get my hand around my finances, my house and my family!

So tonight I stopped in at Life as Mom and she's having a GIVEAWAY!  And I was stoked when I saw what she was giving away...

EatSmart Products sent FishMom a Precision Pro Kitchen Scale to review. She said, "It is a small, lightweight scale that easily fits inside a kitchen drawer for quick access."  Hello!  Who doesn't love a kitchen appliance that can fit into a drawer out of the way?  She said it is on sale at Amazon for only $25 but she's also got TWO of these to give away!  Sweet!

I'd love to have a kitchen scale to help in our cooking, especially as I have a hard time guessing how much something weighs and when we buy meat in bulk and try to break it down (from a 3lb pack of ground chuck to individual 1lb packs) it'd be a great tool to have on hand!  Right now - Brian just eye balls the meat and hopes for the best.

So - if you're interested in winning a scale, head over to Life as Mom right now!  And if you're just looking for a great blog to read - head that way anyways, she's got some GREAT stuff.

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