Monday, May 31, 2010

So, uh...we did some stockpiling this weekend!

In four different trips to Walmart we came home with:

4 solar salt for the water softener
12 40oz Heinz ketchup was $29.04 for $12.00
6 Kraft mayo was $14.94 for $11.82
1 24pk Sprite was $6.42 ("normal" Walmart price) for $3.96 (priced matched to Meijer)
7 24pk Coke Zero was $44.94 for $27.72
2 24pk Mountain Dew was $12.84 for $7.92

Along with some new plastic cups ($.25 per cup), pancake mix and syrup, paper plates, Malt-O-Meal cereal and Kraft dressing (on sale and had coupons).

In those four trips we spent $103.39 and used money from savings to do so...  I'm guessing we saved around $50.00 or so - so about 33% we saved.  It was nothing spectacular but we thought the deal on Coke/Pepsi products was pretty darn good so we decided to stock up on it now.  Brian's thinking that should last us six months or so. 

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