Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free samples in the mail

Recently Crystal over at Money Saving Mom asked if signing up for free samples is worth the time and effort? 

I've only recently begun to sign up for free samples myself and have decided I agree with Crystal...  YES!  It is very worth signing up for free samples in the mail.

Just today I received a P&G Brand Sampler in the mail that included two Cascade ActionPacs and a 1.7 fl oz Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

Who doesn't love free stuff in the mail?  And make it free stuff that I use (which is all I sign up for)!?  As a bargain shopper - I LOVE it.  The Cascade is going under the sink for when I need it and the sample bottles of Pantene go into a box upstairs that I use to pack in our overnight bags and camping gear for when we are headed away from home - they are small, lightweight and can even be refilled after they are empty!

And that was just what I got today.  In the last few weeks I've gotten free samples from Axe and Dove for Men (body wash) and Caress body wash.  All for ten seconds of filling out some lines on a website.  And sometimes I've heard that samples even come with coupons - hello!?  That's my kinda sample!
So - what about you?  Do you sign up for free samples?  What kind of things have you received?

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