Monday, May 17, 2010

So I had all of my posts for today prepped

and then left them at work.  So, my weekend deal posts won't go up until tomorrow when I get home from work.  For now though, I have to share about my fabulous deal from Graveyard Mall.

I first found this website a couple months ago - I can't remember which of my regular websites first mentioned the sight but it had to be Money Saving Mom or Bargain Briana

I've been watching daily (sometimes multiple times a day as the deals change!) for a mens 10ct sunglasses deal to go up again, which was the deal that took me to the website in the first place (which it hasn't). 

In the meantime though, I ordered a 10ct of girls sunglasses for $9.99 plus S&H (total ended up being $15.98).  It was just a random pull - you got whatever they put in the box.  We got Barbie, Bratz (UGH!  I'm scratching the name off the sides of those!), Dora, and a few brandless pair.

And since then there has been a 10ct womens sunglasses deal.  Again, the price was $9.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling (for another total of $15.98) and the ship date was like two weeks out from when I placed the order.  We got an email on the ship date though saying they were shipping and I finally got them just the end of this past week!

The ten pairs I got include:
Revlon ($17.99 CVS tag)
Revlon ($17.99 CVS tag)
Velvet ($24.99 CVS tag)
Gloria Vanderbilt ($29.99 CVS tag)
Velvet ($24.99 CVS tag)
Solargenics ($24.00 generic tag)
Revlon ($16.99 CVS tag)
Gloria Vanderbilt ($29.99 CVS tag)
Panama Jack ($12.00 Walmart tag)
super generic blue metal frame, blue lense cheapies - no tag, no price

So, the total could have been $198.93 (plus the generic blue cheapies) plus whatever tax I would have had to pay...even if I had purchased them all at CVS and used ECBs to get them for 50% off (my usual average for savings at CVS) I would have paid close to $100 but I only paid $15.98.  And for the two pair I won't ever wear (the blue generic cheapies and one of the pairs of the Velvet brand - they are HUGE) I'm still paying only $15.98 for eight pairs of glasses - that's $2.00 per pair!  I'm LOVING this deal! 

If you are interested...make sure you check Graveyard Mall often - at least daily because the deals do change!  Good luck!

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