Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick trip to Walmart...

I had to get Brian some socks and weed killer (which came from different envelopes and there was no savings there, so no sharing on them).

I went for one other specific thing though - Crystal Light Pure Fitness flavored-water packets.  I had some $2.00 coupons from VocalPoint (thanks Jillian!!!) and wanted to use them before they expired on the 15th.

3 Pure Fit lemonade was $7.41 for $1.41

I also found some Take A Longs from Rubbermaid in the clearance section - five count bowls (and lids) for only $.50 - I think the original price was $2.24 (I don't remember).  But $.10 each for both that could be pitched at work (if needed) is a great deal.  I usually buy the cheapies at the $1 store and am happy to get them for $.25 each. 

So my total spent was $7.49 (also got buns and Kraft cheese - no coupons or match ups) and I saved $6.00 in coupons, plus the discount on the bowls (I'm guessing $1.75 each or $5.25).

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