Monday, August 9, 2010

I have NOT been feeling Marsh here lately.

Heck.  Who am I kidding?  I haven't been feeling any deals here lately.  No CVS, no Kroger (well on occasion).  I did hit up Walgreens last week but that's been about it.  We've got to Marsh with no plan, no coupons pulled, no nothing.  And it shows...

I didn't even get anything to really "brag" about.  Ugh.  We bought Marsh shredded cheese, fresh fruit and veggies, deli lunch meat, Cheddar Pasta salad (for the girl!), Mentos, pizza crust (and then remembered when we got home that our oven DOESN'T work), yogurt, baking potatoes, Kellogg's cereals, eggs, sour cream, milk and pork loin.

All said we spent $50.13 and saved $14.80 - a measly 23%.  See - there is something wrong with me!  e-mealz is looking better and better all the time - a menu plan already made up with the shopping list included?  Yeah - sounds like my kinda plan right now.

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