Monday, August 9, 2010

Got a quick deal to share from Walgreens...

So I read this post about these awesome ideas for index card cases at Money Saving Mom last week and immediately ran to Walgreens to scoop up some of them!

10 index card cases @ $.39 = $3.90

I saved $8.00 and so far have only used three of them.  I turned one into my cash envelope for my purse.  I was going through a standard paper envelope in just a few weeks.  This thing is way better and I can separate my store cards and receipts and cash out!  Love it.

The other two I've started on some back-to-school emergency kits for LeeAnn's preschool teachers.  So far I have mini hand sanitizers (free from Bath and Body Works), some floss and a Blistex raspberry lemonade.  I plan on adding a small pack of gum, container of TicTacs, a finger nail file, some coins (for the Coke machine) and a flavored-water packet. 

I think I'm going to turn another into a mini first aid kit for my car (and one for Brian's truck) and the rest (for now) are going to hang until a brilliant idea strikes! 

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